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Landlord Rights Ontario

Landlord Rights Ontario


Just about that moment where you get to ease off the stress you nursed during the week, you walk straight to your balcony on a Saturday morning with a nice cup of coffee. You have plans to enjoy every sip as you see the beautiful scenery in Ontario, the province in east-central Canada that borders the United States and the Great Lakes. You take another majestic sip gently, as you feed your eyes with expansive views. Then, you take your eyes on a journey, from the skies and down to the inscription of your house gate “Andy’s Cozy Residence,” then you have a warm sign, and suddenly, you hear a crash of ceramic vessels, such that it turns your coffee’s taste sour. You look down from your balcony and yes, it was one of your favourite decoratively designed ceramic vessel. You get pissed and a dog runs through and breaks another vessel and one other of your beloved tenant which is neatly arranged in the entrance of your house where you painstakingly and creatively placed them. You get furious! You wonder what a dog is doing in your house! You never wanted animals in! And now, you’re seriously thinking of how to evict this tenant out of your house legally. Then you remember there wasn’t any “No Pet” clause written in the lease and contract. Well, chill out! You’ve got a right as the Landlord on what to do too.

Now, it should be sternly noted that in the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) and Regulation, and in an environment that features the interrelationships of people and their environmental peculiarities and idiosyncrasies, unpleasant and pleasant dispositions are bound to occur. However, it is your duty and within your jurisdiction to know the rights your tenants have as well as the rights you have as the Landlord! Having noted the fact that in Ontario, RTA does not address issues relating to the peculiarities and behavioral tendencies of individuals before they become tenants. Especially when there wasn’t any “no pets” clause in the lease, it’ll sure look like you’re unable to evict that tenant for having a pet legally. However, the good news, as the case may be, is that it damaged a property. Your property and one of your tenant’s. Hence, you may have a valid reason to apply to evict that tenant for having his pet damage your property and that of your tenant’s. For it has infringed on the rights of another tenant, your favorite tenant. Then after the necessary procedures are done, you can now boldly hand over the termination notice to the black ink on the house’s white sheet.

Other rights the Landlord has in Ontario after the Tenant moves concerning the terms of the contract include;

Collection of Rent Deposits: After you and the tenant signs the lease or tenancy agreement, you could collect a rent deposit. However, it should be noted that the maximum amount of such deposits will be the same as the rent for a rental period (e.g., a month or a week)
Collection of Rent: you have the full right to collect your full rent when it is due.
Entry to the Rental Unit: Having taken proper note of the Entry Guidelines, you may enter the rented home to enact maintenance or repairs, to show the place to a future potential tenant or in emergency cases.
Increase Of Rent: Having taken note of the rent increase guidelines, you could increase the rent once in a 12-month period
Eviction of Tenants: After the eviction notice has been given, a tenant could be evicted. However, if the tenant shows physical signs of recalcitrance, you have the right to file an application and have a hearing with the landlord and tenant board, after which proper engagements can be executed.

Well, the story above is just an example. More so, some issues could be on locks, smoking, etc. Get to critically know and examine your rights as well as that of your tenants. I’m pretty sure it’ll come in handy in handling those that need to be treated just the way Andy candidly did. Know the Landlord rights in Ontario today!

Landlord Rights Ontario

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