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What To Expect From Toronto Paralegal Research

Toronto paralegal research


The goal of a paralegal is to effectively assist an attorney in certain tasks that don’t have legal barriers. While a paralegal may not be a lawyer, they conduct a great deal of procedural work in lieu of one. One of the main tasks is conducting research and interpreting it for the attorney that they work with.


Are Paralegals Like Secretaries?


While secretaries may be trained to produce some types of legal documents, they do not have the formal training of a paralegal. The training for a paralegal is usually a combination of on-site training and certifications from a higher education institute. Similarly to a secretary, paralegals cannot give legal advice or represent someone in court.


Researching for Hearings


The end goal of a Toronto paralegal research project is to have information together for a presentation. This may be a court hearing, trial or closing a deal for businesses.

Aside from specific facts to the case, a paralegal may also have to research laws or previous court cases that may be related. Their final report will be given to the lawyer as a general direction of where to take the case.


Law Office Research


Often while being present with a lawyer, a paralegal will have to go to on-site locations that may include offices, courts, official meetings, or police stations. There are some places that require approval for a paralegal to go, which sometimes includes their associated lawyer to be present.

As an example police stations, they may have to research arrest records thoroughly. Paralegals specializing in other areas of law will likely go to other related offices to gather data from records.


Using the Tracking System


Every firm will have its own software-based tracking system that paralegal will need to update regularly. This helps keep all case information in one place, making it easier to share between employees or departments.

There are various brands and standard out there and a paralegal will be trained to use at least one. Firms will commonly use even older brands that have useful features for class-action lawsuits and similar cases that scale.


Putting Together Legal Documents


While research is an important part of the job, any decent paralegal will be adept at drafting legal documents. After doing thorough research, everything must be documented and explained in plain English to prove its worth. Drafting may also cover correspondences, subpoenas, notices, orders, briefs, and other nitty-gritty details.

This research and interpretation of the legal situation will be a key factor in how the lawyer will help their client. Without a paralegal, the lawyer would have to do all of this himself.


What Skills Can You Expect Your Paralegal to Have?

When hiring a paralegal, you should expect them to have the following general or technical skills:

  • Investigation
  • Internet research
  • Word processing
  • Verbal communication
  • Multitasking


Final Thoughts


Researching through legal is quite a challenging task, especially if the goal is accuracy. Here at Civil Paralegal, we will search far and wide to make sure investigation results are as thorough as possible. Consult with us at 416-229-1479.

Toronto Paralegal Research
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